Frequently asked questions


What are the children in the OYC learning to ride?

Kids are training on a small single sail boat Optimist and RS Tera which are designed for children from 6 to 15 years.

My child has no experience with yachting, can even so, in the OYC to start training?

Definitely yes! Most of the children, had first experience with us at OYC.

My kids can’t swim, is that a problem?

It’ not! The children at the beginning of training dress up the life jackets, which in the case of falling into the water will keep them safely above the water.

When and where can my child try?

Almost any time. We prefer to arrange the appointment via phone call or you can look into our calendar workouts.

Do I have to buy sail boat if we want to start sail?

No, you don’t have to. At OYC we have fully equipped sail boats which are included at price of your trainings.

What needs my child for the first hour?

Almost nothing. Just come sportingly dressed according to the forecast. Later we can help you find proper sailing clothes. 

What can I do while my kid trains?

You can enjoy free time at OYC marine with coffee, Wi-Fi connection and meals from Restaurace Cinda. 

How many kids are at practice?

A maximum of 6 kids.

Are workouts even during the summer holidays?

Yes, but they are delayed for one hour.

How much does training cost?

First hour is for free, next hours please see our pricelist.